Downspout Splashing Over Wall / Repair

We all know you get what you pay for and its always great to find the best contractor for your budget.
Its always best to research online to find out as much as you can with who your dealing with.

Sometimes we find some pretty bad workmanship on some fairly nice homes and here is an example. Water was pouring out over a window and the homeowners were not sure why. They put up some plastic to try and deflect it from the home. Continue reading “Downspout Splashing Over Wall / Repair”

Happy Earth Day 2014!

North Shore Eavestroughing prides itself on finding ways to operate with less impact to the environment. Protecting our children’s future has to be a guiding principle. Operating a small business the old fashioned way is to disregard the impact we have on the world around us. Finding new earth-friendly ways to do business may raise our operating costs slightly but we feel it’s well worth it!! Continue reading “Happy Earth Day 2014!”

HomeStars Best of 2013 Awards Party

HomeStars is an awesome tool for you to connect with quality contractors. A homeowner can visit Homestars and see a list of contractors in many different categories. The best part is that you can see the reviews that other homeowners have wrote about a contractor, good or bad. With that information you can pick contractors you feel comfortable reaching out to and talk or meet about a project you need completed.

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40 Point Quality Eavestrough Inspection

We at North Shore Eavestroughing are constantly striving to improve the level of service that you receive. You will have a thorough 40 point inspection conducted after every installation. After many years of perfecting our craft and trying to maximize the client experience we have developed a checklist that will make sure that your eavestrough project will be completed in the best way possible.

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Professional Lettered Equipment

We never get a second chance to make a first impression. North Shore Eavestroughing believes that we must portray an image that is consistant with the high standards we have for working on your home. Clean, well lettered vehicles can be one way to determine how much pride a company takes in their day to day operations. Companies that take pride in their work and operate without subcontractors generally have well lettered company vehicles. This is a great way to pre-qualify potential contractors no matter what the trade.

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Smart Screen Threatens Legal Action

One of our leaf guard comparison videos is creating quite a stir with the people over at Smart Screen. We have received emails and voice messages demanding we take this video off line and now most recently a rep from Smart Screen yelling at us (in our lettered vehicles) in Toronto traffic as we happened to be traveling down the same street. We do not engage in this type of activity.

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Managing Surface Rainwater

For a typical parking spot in Toronto the rain would land on the pavement, picking up contaminants from vehicles and then wash down the nearest storm drain. This gives the water an expedited route, straight into Lake Ontario. This water is untreated and is a great problem for our water ways in terms of pollutants and also because the rainwater heats up as it passes over the pavement it greatly increases the temperature of streams. This is bad for fish.
On a recent trip to BC we saw a neat way to manage rainwater on a parking lot.

The parking spots slant down to a vegetation area at the front of each vehicle. Try not to notice the shadow!

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