Protecting Our Toronto Watershed

A big concrete and paved jungle like Toronto creates some very unnatural water flow issues in our creeks and ravines. About 70 per cent of the water that falls in the city does not absorb into the ground like it would normally. Most of the city can not absorb water and this is why every time we get a good rain our  streams seem fill to the brim with dirty rushing water. Continue reading “Protecting Our Toronto Watershed”

Rainguard Self-Retracting Downspout Extensions

We get lots of questions about what type of extension works best for safely draining water away from the house. Downspouts in an awkward area like across a walkway are usually troublesome no matter what you decide to use. We often use flip up downspouts that we make or have the extension come off easily with a pin. Continue reading “Rainguard Self-Retracting Downspout Extensions”

Mandatory Downspout Disconnect Due Dates City Of Toronto

Mandatory downspout disconnection toronto GTA

As most Toronto homeowners know (or have heard a bit about) there is a by-law to have downspouts removed from city drains. The city is focusing on the downtown area first because some of the sewer system there is called a combined system. This is where the water coming off your roof may mix with the sewage system. Continue reading “Mandatory Downspout Disconnect Due Dates City Of Toronto”

Window Wells Can Cause Basement Flooding


1. Keep all downspouts as far away as possible from window wells when designing your new eavestrough system.

2. If a downspout is close to a window well ensure it is fastened together very secure so that it can not fall apart and fill the well with water.

3. If you suspect that there is not proper drainage at the bottom of the well consult a basement waterproofing company to inspect. There should be a drain at the bottom to take water away so it does not enter your basement.

As shown in the picture below, the downspout drains near the window well. It’s very likely that water flows into this window well from this downspout. This window well is in obvious need of attention. A temporary fix would be to add a long extention on the elbow to get the water farther from the basement window.

Have a home in Scarborough, North York or other areas in or near Toronto and need help with rainwater management? Visit or call us at 416 615 0443 for a free estimate for your eavestrough and leafguard project. We are experts in Toronto eavestrough.

Why Do Downspouts Fill With Ice?

Iced up downspouts are often cause for concern. You may wonder if the ice is blocking the downspouts due to a blockage of some sort. While this can be a factor in some cases it’s more than likely just frozen water. The snow on the roof melts off the roof due to heat loss through the attic. The melted snow then runs down into the downspout which is not heated by the roof or in direct sunlight. The water instantly turns back to ice creating an ice filled downspout. Continue reading “Why Do Downspouts Fill With Ice?”

We Are Booking Up Fast!

It’s important to have all the necessary equipment in order to complete your eavestroughs safely and efficiently. A neighbor pondered at all our ladders and was quick to mention that it looked like we were holding up the side of this house. Lots of ladders make the job much easier for our installers and are made of fiberglass instead of aluminum for safety around power lines. Continue reading “We Are Booking Up Fast!”

Warm White LED Soffit Lighting in the GTA

Today we completed another soffit, fascia, eavestrough and LED light project, in Scarborough. I want to show a couple of pictures of the end result. The lighting project consisted of only four recessed LED lights but had a big effect. It really created that wow factor in terms of curb appeal. Installing new eavestroughs and/or soffit and fascia is the perfect time to install a low voltage light system. Continue reading “Warm White LED Soffit Lighting in the GTA”

Onstage Connecting With Clients Event Hamilton

Small Business owners North Shore Eavestroughing Toronto This weekend North Shore Eavestroughing was invited to speak to small business owners at the Hamilton Ideal Home Show. It was an excellent opportunity to share the basics of social media to small business in Hamilton. It was a great success and we were thrilled to share the stage with media experts and contractors who are embracing social media. Continue reading “Onstage Connecting With Clients Event Hamilton”