Complete Gutter and Leaf Guard

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    We look at almost all our projects prior to sending a project to ensure the proper location of the downspouts and check the level of difficulty involved. We also asses other things like the need for leaf guard, access and age of old system.

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    About 2 weeks after we received a signed contract we arrive at a date that works for both parties. At this point we are stripping the old gutters and getting measurements for the new seamless gutters. We do not require any up front deposit on our eavestrough projects.

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    On 2 story homes we fasten a safety cleat which will be removed and sealed when the job is complete. This is where we fasten our fall protection equipment.

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    The old gutters were full of debris.

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    The old eavestroughs had brackets that were spaced way to far apart and results in a flimsy eavestrough

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    So often we find downspouts that are plugged solid with leaves and twigs. No wonder some homeowners find that their eavestroughs work so poorly even after cleaning the eavestroughs.

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    Old eavestroughs stripped off.

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    We always bring our trailer to your home so we have everything we need and run out the long pieces of gutter. The gutters are cut to length specific for your home.

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    T-Rex leaf guard is great in that it fastens right into the gutter before we install it on your home. This makes the gutter sturdy, eliminates the need of hidden brackets and is efficient keeping the cost low.

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    Aluminum eavestroughs are sturdy when combined with the T-Rex.

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    Our head installer Nick making light work of a sometimes difficult job.

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    A diagram showing the plan we are working. It also shows the roof square footage per downspout.

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    The T-Rex is screwed securely onto the home with supplied screws.

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    Upper level downspouts will need to be directed into the lower eavestrough. A notch is made in the leaf guard to accept the pipe and it is then sealed in. This will reduce wear on the roof and eliminate splash over situations.

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    The new downspouts are larger in size. 3 inch by 3 inch is a perfect size for a 5 inch aluminum eavestrough.

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    T-Rex leaf guard comes with premade leaf guard corner covers which finish off the area over the corner.

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    We were able to design a new system which was not dependant on a downspout going underground to the city system. Less chance of basement flooding is a good thing.

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    A caulking specifically for eavestroughs is very important. This area is not one that should skimped on in terms of using the best product. Caulking is what keeps the corners from leaking and must last a long time.

Complete Gutter and Leaf Guard

The existing eavestroughs were about 30 years old and really needed replacement. The old gutters leaked at the corners, had no leaf guard, and had a downspout connected to the city storm water system. This North York home would be our most typical job that we do. These houses are completed in a day or less. We added the T-Rex Leaf Guard to the seamless eavestrough and redesigned the location of some of the downspouts.

Project Details