Eavestrough, T-Rex and LEDs

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    This is a before picture. This downspout was moved forward, close to the corner.

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    Before picture. This downspout was removed from the driveway.

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    Before picture. There was no need to go around the chimney with eavestrough with the new downspout design.

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    T-Rex continuous fastening system adds durability and leaf protection. WE are elite level installers with Alu-Rex. This gives our clients a lifetime manufacturers warranty on the bracket system and a upgraded 20 year workmanship warranty from North Shore Eavestroughing.

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    A creative idea to get the water off the driveway and onto the backyard.

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    Our friendly team members. Nick(supervisor) on the roof and Erick down below. Our clients always compliment us on how polite and friendly they are. You can count on them to pay attention to the details.

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    Low voltage power panel for lights and timer mounted in shed. Protected from elements.

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    Small but powerful warm white LEDs. Cost installed approximately $300.00 per light installed.

Eavestrough, T-Rex and LEDs

This home located in Scarbough was old eavestrough was in bad need of replacing as it was leaking at the corners and had downspouts in poor locations. We utilized the T-Rex continuous fastening system to add durability and leaf protection. The client had added 8 LED soffit lights to the project. There was some additional soffit venting completed as well.

Project Details