Front Entrance Replacement

  • Front Entrance

    Front Entrance

  • Old Corners

    Old Corners
    The old corners were hand mitred but not neatly done.

  • Patch

    The gutters were patched years ago to remove a downpipe but gutters were not reploped and resulted in holding water.

  • Shingles

    The shingles were old and curled which can result in water running behind the new eavestroughs.

  • Seamless Eavestroughs

    Seamless Eavestroughs
    We run the pieces out of our trailers to the length needed.

  • Bracket Spacing

    Bracket Spacing
    Spacing brackets at 20 inches makes for a sturdy eavestrough.

  • Mitred Corners

    Mitred Corners
    Hand mitred corners can be done neatly and give a nice clean look.

Front Entrance Replacement

The client just wanted the front entrance area done before winter as it was in such rough shape and leaked badly. For this North York home we used seamless aluminum eavestrough, hand mitered corners and a large 3 inch by 3 inch downspout. Next year they will replace the roof and replace the rest of the gutters.

Project Details