New Eavestroughs And Leaf Guard

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    A slightly larger than average home in terms of eavestroughs. The old 4 inch original seamless eavestroughs were well worn out. They dripped the corners and plugged up easily as there was no leaf guard on the upper level.

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    There was some Smart Screen leaf guard to remove and discard before we could remove the old 4 inch eavestrough.

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    The home was stripped of the old eavestroughs and measurements have been taken for the new ones. Clean up of the old aluminum has begun. It will be taken to metal recycling depot.

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    The new seamless 5 inch Eavestrough with T-Rex leaf guard already in place. That is one of the great things about this product. Installing the leaf guard as the eavestrough comes out of the machine is super efficient and saves you money.

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    Some of the new eavestroughs are in place and leveled correctly. Next is the sealing of the hand mitered corners with proper sealant.

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    Downspouts installed and corners are now sealed.

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    A view of the new eavestroughs from the roofline.

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    We always bring our jobsite trailer to your home to form the long pieces of gutter. We are fully equipped and organized to make sure our projects are done on time.

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    This downspout on the garage will remain connected to city and client will apply for exemption with Toronto Water.

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    Its easy to connect 2 downspouts into one. One is simply notched and the other is slide in just a little. Then its sealed with caulk to prevent leaks.

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    The 3 inch by 3 inch large downspouts are securely and neatly fastened to the brick.

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    The front downspout needed a long 10 foot extension towards the front yard. This is difficult to tell in pictures but the ground is low close to the home and would not get away from the foundation if it was any shorter.

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    When a upper level gutter needs to connect to a lower gutter we add what's called a drop in downspout.

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    The rear downspout was disconnected from the city drain and flowed to the rear yard.

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    We feel that hand mitered corners look the best and last as long or longer than any other method of joining pieces of eavestroughs together.

New Eavestroughs And Leaf Guard

This Scarborough home had the original 4 inch eavestroughs and smaller downspouts. We upgraded the entire system to 5 inch seamless. We also installed the T- Rex leaf guard which should make this home's gutters close to maitenance free as the trees are quite a distance from the home. We were able to disconnect 2 of the downspouts so they no longer attach to the city drains. The downspouts on the garage will remain connected to the city stormwater system due to the walkway surrounding the garage and improper grading of the land. 

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