Protecting our environment is essential. North Shore Eavestroughing is a leader in environmental practices.

- All electricity used for drills and other tools on job sites, are powered by solar energy. We have solar collectors on the roofs of our trailers. 

- Power for our business is provided by Bullfrog Power. Bullfrog Power provides power only from renewable resources, such as wind and solar energy. This is a great way of reducing our environmental footprint  

- All paper we use has been recycled or made from sustainable resources such as wheat or sugar cane

-  100% of the aluminum and steel taken from our jobs sites is recycled. 

- We conscientiously reuse and recycle as much as possible including paper, cardboard and everything that you would normally recycle at home

- We regularly donate to the David Suzuki Foundation and other environmental causes

- By disconnecting your downspouts, we are helping the environment. Water can flow onto gardens and lawns and then percolate down through the soil, rather than all water going into our sewer system. which can cause raw sewage getting into our waterways

- Rain barrels collect fresh non-chlorinated water during a storm that you can later use on your gardens

- In winter, we heat minimally, choosing to dress warmly, and in the summer we ventilate by keeping the doors open as much as possible. and using the air conditioning only occasionally

- Our Smart car is great for estimating and zipping around the city while consuming little fuel

- We conscientiously conserve electricity in our office and shop. The outlets are on timers, shutting off the power on weekends, and after 6 p.m. weekdays, when we are not at work

- We use biodegradable and environmentally sensitive products for our engines and cleaning supplies

- We only have this one world and we all need to do our best to take care of it.

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