20 Year Workmanship Warranty - What does it cover?

  1. A corner that develops a leak will be recaulked
  2. An eavestrough that comes loose from the fascia board will be reattached. Fascia board must be in solid condition
  3. If any downspout or leaf guard comes loose from the home, we will reattach
  4. Eaves with AluRex TRex Continuous Fastening System (Eaves without AluRex have 5 Year Workmanship warranty, unless otherwise stated) 


What is not covered?

  1. Eavestrough coming away from the home due to unusually large ice dams or ice and snow slides off of a metal roof
  2. Fascia boards that come loose due to ice damming
  3. Damage to eavestrough system due to an object hitting the material (eg. Ladder hitting soffit, walking on downspout extensions, falling tree branches)
  4. Leaking behind eavestrough due to deteriorating shingles or improper overhang of shingles
  5. Downspouts that pop their seams due to ice build up
  6. Damage to aluminum due to salt application

Moving parts have 2 year warranty. These include Y diverters, and flip up hinges on downpipe extensions.

Manufacturers' Warranties

Eavestroughs with Alu-Rex T-Rex Continuous Fastening System - Lifetime

Eavestroughs, downpipes, soffit, and fascia - 20 years

Heater Cables - 1 Year    Labour warranty is also 1 Year

DelphiTech Soffit Lighting - 5 years            Labour warranty is 2 year