Choosing the best material for eavestroughs.

Seamless aluminum eavestroughing AluRex TRex Leafguard Scarborough Eavestroughs can be made out of a few different materials. The most common materials are aluminum, steel, copper and vinyl. Aluminum is by far the most widely used material in North America because it can be formed into a seamless eavestrough and will not rust. Steel and copper can also be formed into a seamless eavestrough but steel is prone to rust and copper is at a much higher price point.

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Proper Slope

properly sloping eavestroughs gutters Toronto

It’s essential to use a level when installing eavestroughs. Most homeowners are aware that there should not be pooling water in their eavestroughs. This creates overflows and swamp-like conditions that mosquitos love to hang out and lay eggs in. No one would want this but unfortunately many homes in Toronto have this situation. It’s of epidemic proportions. The good thing is, it’s completely avoidable.

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