Mandatory Downspout Disconnect Due Dates City Of Toronto

Mandatory downspout disconnection toronto GTA

As most Toronto homeowners know (or have heard a bit about) there is a by-law to have downspouts removed from city drains. The city is focusing on the downtown area first because some of the sewer system there is called a combined system. This is where the water coming off your roof may mix with the sewage system. More “Mandatory Downspout Disconnect Due Dates City Of Toronto”

Window Wells Can Cause Basement Flooding


1. Keep all downspouts as far away as possible from window wells when designing your new eavestrough system.

2. If a downspout is close to a window well ensure it is fastened together very secure so that it can not fall apart and fill the well with water.

3. If you suspect that there is not proper drainage at the bottom of the well consult a basement waterproofing company to inspect. There should be a drain at the bottom to take water away so it does not enter your basement.

As shown in the picture below, the downspout drains near the window well. It’s very likely that water flows into this window well from this downspout. This window well is in obvious need of attention. A temporary fix would be to add a long extention on the elbow to get the water farther from the basement window.

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