Protecting Our Toronto Watershed

A big concrete and paved jungle like Toronto creates some very unnatural water flow issues in our creeks and ravines. About 70 per cent of the water that falls in the city does not absorb into the ground like it would normally. Most of the city can not absorb water and this is why every time we get a good rain our  streams seem fill to the brim with dirty rushing water. More “Protecting Our Toronto Watershed”

Rainguard Self-Retracting Downspout Extensions

We get lots of questions about what type of extension works best for safely draining water away from the house. Downspouts in an awkward area like across a walkway are usually troublesome no matter what you decide to use. We often use flip up downspouts that we make or have the extension come off easily with a pin. Continue reading “Rainguard Self-Retracting Downspout Extensions”