3 Reasons Why A Roofer Shouldn’t Do Your Gutter

roofers installing eavestrough Toronto gutter This is quite possibly the worst gutter job I have come across. A roofing company sent a roofer and totally botched it. We completely removed it all and started fresh as there were too many mistakes to fix.

Badly sloped eavestrough Toronto   specialized trainingThe gutter also had a huge amount of grade to the downspout making it very unsightly.

incorrectly to do eavestrough corner gutter Toronto
The person fitting these corners, in North York, had no idea how to properly do a mitred corner. Too many joints, too many screws and caulking to hide where the corner did not fit properly.

This is prime example of why we tell potential clients not to hire your roofer to do your gutters. Its not easy to do a professional install without specialized training. This is also the main reason why when you hire a roofing company to do your gutters they subcontract it out because they lack the trained personnel and equipment to do the job right. There is a reason we do not do roofs and for the same reason roofers should not do gutters!
Roofing and eavestroughing are independant of each other. If the roof needs replacing then it’s best to do the roof work first if possible.
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  1. Thanks for posting this, I was actually considering having my roofer complete our new gutters as well-I will be contacting you!

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