A Very Well Known Toronto Eavestrough Company Did This!

Brackest on eavestroughs shoddy work
Just a quick entry here to display some more handy work of a well known roofing and eavestrough company here in Toronto. Now I don’t want this blog to be focused on just other contractors shoddy work but I have been seeing so much of it lately that I feel compelled to share some of it.

I think some companies forget that they are only as good as their last job.

In the top picture the fasteners that hold the eavestrough on are about 4 feet apart when they should be no more than 2 feet apart.

Shoddy work Toronto This same piece of eavestrough was cut a couple of inches too short and instead of making a new piece they inserted a filler piece which doesn’t look so nice and may be prone to leak.

Messy caulking job done other company This picture shows a mess of caulking that needed to be spread out to cover the extra seams created by the eavestrough being too short.

This Scarborough homeowner has paid top dollar for her eavestroughs and will have to live with eavestroughs like this for many years to come as like most people cannot afford to do them all over again.

I advise homeowners to educate themselves before going ahead and hiring a contractor. I realize this can be difficult as everyone is always claiming to be the best at what they do. Take some time to do some research on the task at hand and the contractor as well. Ask lots of questions and see how they respond. Do they have the patience or interest to spend some time with you answering your questions? Do they know their product inside out and backwards? Do they seem passionate about their work? I believe that if you do not rush the process and invest some time on your end, it will pay dividends. Visit our website at http://www.eavestrough.ca/

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