Basement Waterproofing

Water in your basement is a common problem in Toronto. The proximity of one house to another, improperly sloped lots, and malfunctioning eavestroughs are some of the the most common reasons for water entering your foundation.
It’s important to ensure your eavestroughs are not clogged or overflowing as this water will cause lots of basement problems. You might try fixing your eavestroughs or relocating problem downpipes before you decide to dig. It can be cheaper than digging up the side of your home. Many homeowners will decide to waterproof plus ensure the eavestroughs are up to snuff.

Digging up around your home is a big job. Its a lot of manual labor as most waterproofing companies will shovel all the dirt out to minimize damage to the landscape. Machinery may be quicker but it creates more damage that needs to be fixed later.

basement flooding Foundation waterproofing Toronto Scarborough

It can involve some tight situations.

waterproofing basement wet basement

Getting under decks and porches can be tricky!

Wet basement waterproofing foundation Scabrorough Toronto

It’s important the membrane extend around and under the porch. It makes sense to protect your basement  from the outside and stopping the water before it reaches the walls. Battling water problems from the inside might be cheaper but doesn’t make as much sense to me. In some difficult situations where exterior work is not possible then it makes sense to work from the inside.

Toronto wet basement waterproofing foundation

It’s important to use quality materials as once they are installed they are going to be buried and not easy to fix or replace if something fails.


Mandatory downspout disconnection Toronto

If possible reroute or extend your downpipes so that they no longer have to go into these the city sewer system. With some Toronto houses, the downpipes will have to be reconnected if there are no options due to the disconnecting of pipes causing a hazardous situation.

Mandatory downspout disconnection Toronto

Ensure downpipe extensions are long enough so water flows away from your home and away from your neighbours home if close by.

Watertite Downspout disconnection Toornto Scarborough

A reputable company to contact for waterproofing is Watertite. I met Angelo on one of their projects and he was happy to explain the process of how to waterproof a house properly. They definitely take pride in their work. They are in high demand with all the fall rains recently. Their website is

Waterproofing Wet foundation basement Toronto

Are you interested in having your eavestroughs replaced, leafguard, soffit or fascia installed? Do you live in Scarborough, North York or other areas in or near Toronto? Visit our website at

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