Buchner Winter Workshop

What a great way to spend a Friday! We had the chance to hear even more information about the products and tools we use everyday from the people that actually make the equipment and products. Thanks to Buchner Manufacturing in Newmarket (one of our aluminum suppliers) many eavestrough and roofing companies were invited for a training seminar.
Tony and Nick, two of our top guns, waiting for things to start.

5" seamless aluminum eavestroughing installers GTA  Toronto


One session was on what the new metal benders from KWM are capable of. Visit http://www.van-mark.com/homepage/vanmarkhome.html to see more information about the type of metal brakes we use.
Aluminum Eavestrough Gutter installation Toronto GTA


It was a great session from the company that makes the actual gutter machines. One of our seamless eavestrough machines is very similar to this one. To make a great eavestrough you need well maintained, clean equipment and that was what this was all about. Their website is http://www.kwmgutterman.com/.


Aluminum eavestroughing Toronto Scarborough


All eavestrough starts out as a roll of coil that must be inserted into the rear of the forming machine (eavestrough machine). A series of rollers slowly shape it into the shape of an eavestrough.


Aluminum eavestroughing forming machine Toronto GTA
Now the eavestrough can be run out to very long lengths as needed to create a seamless eavestrough all the way around your home. Less seams means less chance for leaks. The only place there needs to be seams is when the eavestrough comes to a corner and has to change direction.
This machine can run a variety of metals like copper, aluminum, steel, galvanized and galvalume to name a few different kinds of seamless eavestrough.
Seamless Eavestroughing Toronto Installation Scarborough North York
Darin from Alu-Rex does a great job explaining to all “the good, better, best way” to install a eavestrough.
T-Rex is the most popular leaf guard in the world today with over 100,000 million feet sold so far.
T-Rex has a strong warranty backed up with great service from the Alu-Rex team. Trust me,if there is a problem they will be there to make it right. However with so few warranty calls Darin is much like the Maytag repair man. Sweet job!
Darin makes a great point that a very high percentage of basement leaks are a result of clogged or old damaged eavestroughs. Make sure yours are up to snuff to avoid costly basement repair.
Leafguard systems T-Rex 5800 series Eavestroughign Gutter replacement


On the right is the hidden bracket(good). The middle is the T-Rex(better). The left is a heavy duty version of the T-Rex with built in front lip to keep your eavestroughs looking clean called 5800 series(best).
It’s always good to go over the basics of our business and plus learn little tips from others at events like this. If we learn one little tip that can give our clients a superior eavestrough system then the day was all worth while. Thanks Buchner!
We install eavestroughs and leafguards in Scabrorough, North York and other areas of Toronto.
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