Downspout Splashing Over Wall / Repair

We all know you get what you pay for and its always great to find the best contractor for your budget.
Its always best to research online to find out as much as you can with who your dealing with.

Sometimes we find some pretty bad workmanship on some fairly nice homes and here is an example. Water was pouring out over a window and the homeowners were not sure why. They put up some plastic to try and deflect it from the home. More “Downspout Splashing Over Wall / Repair”

Rainguard Self-Retracting Downspout Extensions

We get lots of questions about what type of extension works best for safely draining water away from the house. Downspouts in an awkward area like across a walkway are usually troublesome no matter what you decide to use. We often use flip up downspouts that we make or have the extension come off easily with a pin. Continue reading “Rainguard Self-Retracting Downspout Extensions”

Mandatory Downspout Disconnect Due Dates City Of Toronto

Mandatory downspout disconnection toronto GTA

As most Toronto homeowners know (or have heard a bit about) there is a by-law to have downspouts removed from city drains. The city is focusing on the downtown area first because some of the sewer system there is called a combined system. This is where the water coming off your roof may mix with the sewage system. Continue reading “Mandatory Downspout Disconnect Due Dates City Of Toronto”