Managing Surface Rainwater

For a typical parking spot in Toronto the rain would land on the pavement, picking up contaminants from vehicles and then wash down the nearest storm drain. This gives the water an expedited route, straight into Lake Ontario. This water is untreated and is a great problem for our water ways in terms of pollutants and also because the rainwater heats up as it passes over the pavement it greatly increases the temperature of streams. This is bad for fish.
On a recent trip to BC we saw a neat way to manage rainwater on a parking lot.

The parking spots slant down to a vegetation area at the front of each vehicle. Try not to notice the shadow!

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Protecting Our Toronto Watershed

A big concrete and paved jungle like Toronto creates some very unnatural water flow issues in our creeks and ravines. About 70 per cent of the water that falls in the city does not absorb into the ground like it would normally. Most of the city can not absorb water and this is why every time we get a good rain our  streams seem fill to the brim with dirty rushing water. Continue reading “Protecting Our Toronto Watershed”

Mandatory Downspout Disconnect Due Dates City Of Toronto

Mandatory downspout disconnection toronto GTA

As most Toronto homeowners know (or have heard a bit about) there is a by-law to have downspouts removed from city drains. The city is focusing on the downtown area first because some of the sewer system there is called a combined system. This is where the water coming off your roof may mix with the sewage system. Continue reading “Mandatory Downspout Disconnect Due Dates City Of Toronto”