Choices in Replacing Your Eavestroughs

Heavy .032 gauge aluminum eaves for commercial application

Perhaps your eaves are old, damaged, leaking, the downspouts are in the wrong places or you don’t like the colour. You have decided to replace your eaves. Now you have more decisions to make.

Placement of Downspouts: This is something our estimators look into with every quotation. You may be required to disconnect your downspouts from the city sewer pipe. In many cases it might be best to install new eaves on a different slope sending the water to a more optimal location. Our estimators would be happy to discuss this with you. Even if your municipality is requesting that you disconnect, sometimes this is not reasonable. You may need to apply for an exemption from the bylaw. These are things that our estimator can discuss with you.

Roof Integrity:  How old is your roof ? Yep, you need to replace your eaves and now I am suggesting you consider a much larger expense. If the roof  needs to be replaced, it is best to do that before we install new eaves.

Weight of Aluminum: Residential jobs are usually done in .024 gauge aluminum. It is the right weight for most jobs, comes in many colours and is the lowest price. If you have an extremely large roof or one that has a steep valley coming down to a small section of eaves, you might consider getting . 027 or.032 gauge for maximum strength. Colour selection is reduced and price goes up. We usually recommend the Alu-Rex Leaf guard. As well as keeping the leaves and debris out of your eaves, they add plenty of strength to your installation.

Colour: Do you want to keep the same colour?  If your soffit and fascia are white or an off-white, you might consider choosing a different colour for your eaves. If your soffit and fascia are colours, you probably want to stick with the same colour for your eaves. If you are considering a change, we suggest you match the eaves with the colour of your window and door frames, or the roof, or the your outside railings or walls. Some people choose one colour for the eaves and another for the downspouts so they can blend in with the walls. If a downspout goes on top of the roof, you might prefer it matches the roof colour. If a downpipe ends in a flower bed, we can make that last section brown, so it is not as noticeable.

Downspouts come in a number of sizes, too. In PEI we usually install small square 2.5″ x 2.5″ In Toronto, we usually install 3″x 3″ large square. We can get 3.5″x 3.5″ Extra Large downpipes, if you have a huge amount of water draining quickly. The best colour selection is in the 3″x3″ size. It is also possible to get 2″x3″ or a commercial size 3″x 4″. We don’t usually carry these.

Our estimators will be more than happy to discuss these and other issues with you, whether you meet them on site or discuss these by phone or e-mail.




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