DIY Clip N Guard Leaf Protection

If you are looking for a quality do it yourself leaf guard that is designed by the same company that supplies the professionals you might consider the Alu-Rex Clip N Guard.
It is geared towards the homeowner who wants a sturdy gutter protection but is easy to install with no special tools or fasteners needed. It just snaps in place! It’s made of aluminum so it will not rust and is compatible with your aluminum gutters. It comes with a 25 year warranty that you will not have a clog in your gutter.

Cleaning your gutters is an unappealing job on the list of household duties, plus it can be dangerous so having a leafguard will reduce the frequency or eliminate the need to clean at all. A slight breeze will blow all debris away on most homes.

Alu-Rex Rain Gutter Toronto Eavestrough

If you live in a treed area leaf guards are a must. With no leafguard your gutters become one big leaf trap. Leaf protection will keep the leaves up, out of the gutter and keep them free flowing. When leaves are kept out of the gutter by a leafguard they can blow away by a slight wind. If the leaves are down in the gutter they will not blow out!

The Clip N Guard comes in 3 foot pieces and snaps down in place under the front lip of the gutter. It’s that easy. The holes are large enough to let all the water through but keep the large downspout clogging debris out. Its also easy to remove if you ever want to take a peek inside.

Clip N Guard Leafguard

The old screen/mesh leaf guards of the past had openings that are too big and were hard to secure properly. These mesh leaf guards are most likely why most homeowners feel that leaf guards do not work well. They worked okay at best. They required cleaning underneath with too much debris getting into the gutter. This resulted in extra work or charges from gutter cleaning companies. See the picture below of the old mesh as compared to the more modern leafguard design.

Leafguard gutter guard Toronto  comparison

The good thing about the Clip N Guard for the DIY homeowner is that it can be cut to length with a good pair of scissors. Most people would have these at home.

Clip n guard leafguard gutter eavestrough
The leafguard sits high on the gutter resting on the brackets or spikes that you have in your gutter already. This leaves lots of space under the leaf guard for water to flow unimpeded.
leafguard eavestrough gutter toronto

If you have corners on your home there is a template that comes with each box to show you how to properly cut inside or outside corners.

Leafguard Eavestrough Toronto


leafguard gutter eavestrough Toronto

If you are not comfortable working on a ladder then please call a professional and they can handle this project for you. We have professional versions of this leafguard that is screwed down in place. However I wrote this blog post for those who will be doing their own gutter protection so I hope to be of help in your product selection and application. Check out our video below of how easy it is to install.

Th Clip N Guard is currently on special on The Shopping Channel where your order comes with a free gutter scoop for cleaning out your gutter and a free pair of heavy duty scissors. Here is the link:

It can also be bought at Costo.

You can check out the Clip N Guard website at:

If you live in Scarborough, North York or another area in or near Toronto and would like a quote for the professional version called the T-Rex or Gutter Clean System which are also made by Alu-Rex then please call our office at 416 615 0443 or visit our website at
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2 thoughts on “DIY Clip N Guard Leaf Protection

  1. I see many people give good comments to gutter protection system, but almost everyone's points are that they no longer need to clean up the gutter.

    I never installed Gutter Guard, before I do, I would like to here some peoples real experience to clear out my concerns:

    1. Small debris (falling sand from the shingle, small tree barks, died insects etc) cannot be prevented, it could be more difficult later whenever you need to clean up the sand deposit underneath the protection screen.
    2. It maybe more easier to build up icicle in winter time, as the protect screen will be easily sealed by ice, melting snow will easily run over the gutter to build up icicles. Big icicles could be hazardous.
    3. Water may run over the gutter on heavy rains, as the screen will reduce the water through-put of the gutter.

    Have anyone who installed Gutter Guard having those issues?


  2. Maybe I can help based on my experience in the eavestrough business.
    1. Small debris will go through the small holes but the debris will be so small it will wash out the downpipe.(Just make sure the eavestrough is sloped properly and not pooling water.)

    2. Our experience with leaf guards is that they do not create an ice problem or make an ice problem worse. Excessive ice in the eavestrough is generally a result of poor attic insulation. An ice problem can't be solved with a eavestrough or leafgaurd. Yes I agree big icicles are hazardous and a function of a bigger problem.

    3. Leaf guards like the Clip N Guard, T-Rex, or Gutter Clean System have more than enough holes to drain water off your roof. So many that over half can be covered with debris and it will still function as normal with no overflows. The limiting factor on how much water your eavestrough can drain will be your downspouts not this of leaf guard. Inside valleys where water is concentrated will need splash guards installed to prevent the water from skipping over the leaf guard. These are important even with no leaf guards in place.

    This is our experience and we have installed lots of eavestroughs and leaf guards over the past 17 years. We are open to all types of leaf guards with some being better than others. We know from our clientele that they work and reduce your maintenance greatly. Our clients who are still having problems in treed areas are the ones that were not open to seeing the benefits of having a cover on their eavestrough.
    I hope this helps a bit but realize you may be skeptical of wht I say to be true as we do make money from selling eavestrough and leaf guard. Hopefully we can get some other comments in from other homeowners. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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