Double Barrel Downspouts

What do you do when there is only one good location for a downspout on the entire home? Well… you could do a side by side downspout like the ones shown below.
It’s best to precisely slope all the eavestroughs to the corner that has good drainage.

Most homes, in the Toronto area, have good drainage in more than just one area. There are just a few unique situations.

The home below had more than one downspout location but not without depending on the old clay sewer pipes which the homeowner did not want to reuse. There is a good reason for that as they are prone to leaking water around your foundation as they degrade.

We did a full replacement of the old system as shown below.

Downspouts downpipes toronto eavestrough Scarborough North York
The entire upper level eavestroughs were graded around to the front and we added a downspout to connect it to the lower eavestrough. This prevents water from running down the roof and damaging shingles.
Downspouts pwnpipes Eavestrough Toronto, North York Scarborough
We added 2 XL 3.5 inch by 3.5 inch downpipes at the front right corner
Double downspout downpipe Eavestrough Toronto North York
The water from the entire house will drain to the front yard.
Rainwater management Toronto eavestrough gutter downspout
Due to the slope of the ground near the home we had to extend out to a safe exit point.
Double downspout splashpad Eavestrough Toronto
The video below explains in a bit more detail.
Another home we completed had a similar challenge with only one safe location for a downspout.
Double downpout downpipe Eavestrough Toronto rain water
Double downpsout downpipe Toronto eavestrough rain
With a bit of effort and creative thinking most houses can have an effective eavestrough system which safely transports all roof water to a harmless location. This keeps your basement nice and dry as well as protected.
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