Downspout Splashing Over Wall / Repair

We all know you get what you pay for and its always great to find the best contractor for your budget.
Its always best to research online to find out as much as you can with who your dealing with.

Sometimes we find some pretty bad workmanship on some fairly nice homes and here is an example. Water was pouring out over a window and the homeowners were not sure why. They put up some plastic to try and deflect it from the home.

The downpipe on the upper level which transports water to the lower level was not functioning properly. The downpipe was not sealed into the leaf guard and the water was hitting the lower eavestroughs and splashing out. Eventually this will damage the brick and may cause water to settle in around the foundation. The company who did this job left a big gap in the leaf guard.

I will show a few steps of this simple repair. First remove the offending pipe and the various devices the homeowner attached to the eavestroughs to deflect water.

Next seal the eavestroughs to the wall.

Reinstall the downpipe and take additional leaf guard and insert the elbow into the gutter. Seal all the way around to prevent water from splashing out. Water test from the top eavestroughs with a hose to ensure no drips or leaks to confirm its resolved.

A quick look around reveals a few other example of rough work. Big gaps in the leafguard.

Pipes squeezed by hand to fit instead of using a crimper tool so the pipe fits properly.



Hand mitres can look really nice if care is taken to make the corner properly, assemble and trim cleanly. This is a poorly done and looks like someone pounded on this with a hammer while looking the other way.

Joints in the downpipes are best covered by the straps to hide the joint. There is no need to have joints in the downpipe showing.

It doesn’t take long to see deficiencies when you get used to looking for them. One thing done carelessly is usually a good indicator there are other things are of a poor standard.

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