Downspouts Plugged, Solid!

leafguard eavestrough plugged Toronto Scarborough GTA

Its way too often that we find downspouts that are completely plugged with old leaf debris.

No wonder that some eavestrough systems have overflows like Niagara Falls!
The debris seen in this pipe may have been in there for many years. The company responsible for cleaning this eavestrough has neglected to check the downpipes from top to bottom for obstructions.
Eavestrough cleaning companies that use the practice of dropping marbles down the downspouts to see if they are clear has its limitations. At one property, in North York, we have found a pile of marbles on top of the debris at the base of the downspout. This means the eavestrough system has not worked for years and they have been billing the homeowner for cleanings.
This reinforces the need for some type of a leafguard to prevent debris from getting into your eavestrough and downspouts in the first place.
If you are unsure if your pipes are plugged and are unable to take them apart to inspect give them a tap and they should sound hollow. If they sound solid and hard, consider having a eavestrough cleaning company come in to take them apart, clean them out and reinstall.
If your plugged downspouts are older and you can afford it you might consider replacing the whole eavestrough system with leafguard and possibly larger downspouts.

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