Eavestrough Colour Selection

Many are often surprised to see just how many colours there are available for aluminum eavestrough and soffits. Colour selection is very important if you are trying to match up to existing trim or soffits on your home. Also having a wide color selection is essential when matching up to any new windows etc.

In our opinion, most of the suppliers quality in terms of paint finish are similar and we have never had a problem with any of the suppliers. All come with a standard 20 year prorated manufacturer’s warranty against peeling etc.

Many colours will be very similar from one supplier to another.

Our primary aluminum supplier is Buchner Manufacturing with warehouses in Pefferlaw, Newmarket and Kingston. They are a favourite for companies that specialize in eavestroughs as they have a wide availability of colors, sizes of pipes and extra heavy, custom ordered soffits and eavestroughs. Their fan fold has 40 colours. All of their colors are considered a semi-gloss finish.

Their website is http://www.buchnermfg.com/

Aluminum Colour selection from Buchner manufacturing
Another quality supplier is O.A.M which also have 40 colors to pick from and are located in Mississauga, west of Toronto. The unique thing about them is they make an extra large 3 by 4 pipe in all of their colours where others make XL size pipe in just the more common colours. They have a combination of semi-gloss and flat colours.
Aluminum colour selection from O.A.M.
We have access to Gentek colours if needed and they are located in Scarborough and near the 401 and 400. They also have almost 40 colours. Gentek is a large company and also specialize in windows and doors etc. In our opinion, they do not cater to the eavestrough specialist as compared to the previous two suppliers. Mostly all flat in terms of gloss.
Their website is http://www.gentekinc.com/
Gentek aluminum colour selection

Another supplier called Royal Building Products is located at 400 and Hwy 7, north of Toronto. They have about 22 colours. A very large outfit which also specializes in windows and doors etc.
Colours are all flat in terms of gloss.
Their website is http://www.royalbuildingproducts.com/

Residential Royal aluminum colours

It’s important to note that comparing the thickness of each of these fan folds will not give  an accurate representation of what thickness each company uses for eavestrough or soffits etc. Some companies make their fan folds out of thin metal and others out of thick.
Would you be interested in replacing your eavestroughs & downspouts? Perhaps you would like to know more about leafguard. If you have a home in North York, Scarborough or other area in or near Toronto, please get in touch. For a free estimate contact us at www.eavestrough.ca

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