Eavestroughing can be dangerous!

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I cannot stress the importance of hiring a contractor that takes safety very seriously.

Working on your roof or eavestroughs can be very hazardous. Its way too often we hear in the news about someone falling to their death while working at heights.

It is terrible to imagine an installer being seriously injured or losing their life on the work site. It is also important to realize that in the event of a serious accident the fines can be in excess of $100,000. and these fines are not covered by insurance.
Besides these very important issues, I believe that a person working on a home will do a much higher quality job if they are not hanging on for dear life. There are many installers out there that are working unprotected. Remember no one’s roof, eavestroughs or Leafguard is worth losing a life over.

It’s imperitive to hire contractors that work according to the law. Anyone working over 10 feet must be certified in fall protection, have the ropes and harnesses and use them!
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