Estimating Mirror

I would like share with you a great way to see what’s going on in your eavestrough without needing to go up a ladder. This method we use in our estimating system is much safer and I hope someone may benefit from seeing this, homeowners and contractors alike.
We constructed it out of a basic mirror mounted on an expandable painters pole.

Darren with estimator mirror, ready to estimate eavestroughs
It’s easy to handle and takes just a little practice to get the angle right. The picture makes it seem like the mirror is too far away to see but in reality, it works fine.
Able to see into second story eavestrough from ground
Its a great tool to see if you have debris in your eavestrough or problems with the edge of your shingles.
Eavestrough filled with leaves in mirror
This is so much safer then going up 2 storeys on a ladder. We can observe things like standing water, how it’s fastened, and the condition of the shingles on this Toronto home.
Observing condition of roof and eaves
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