Facelift On Wartime Bungalow

soffit fascia eavestrough capping Toronto bungalow We were able to give this home a makeover. All the old aluminum was stripped off to reveal the wood that was original to the home. Its important to remove all the old material and get down to a good solid base.

It gives the opportunity to inspect the wood and check for rot and make sure the surface is straight as not to compromise the integrity of the new materials to be installed over top. Lucky for the homeowner who does stained glass, a round window in the gable was discovered under the old siding. She now has a new project to complete. Once everything is determined to be solid the new product can be applied.

We had to do a combination of vinyl and aluminum to get the look the homeowner had envisioned. We used aluminum for the soffit, fascia, eavestrough and capping. Vinyl was used for the horizontal siding on the gable and for the vertical siding under the soffits to resemble board and batten.

This project was definitely more labour intensive than most projects that we take on. A project with this detail costs about $7500. for the complete bungalow due to the extensive capping work. If you need any work of this nature it’s best to contact us when we are in our off season. As spring approaches we become very busy with our eavestrough and leafguard. However if you are not time sensitive we would be happy to book any of your small siding projects in the winter and early spring. Feel free to contact us for availability. We take the time to do it right. If your home is in Scarborough, North York or other areas of the GTA, you need a discriminating contractor who pays attention to the details and quality is more important than a low price we will be a great fit.

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