Happy Earth Day 2014!

North Shore Eavestroughing prides itself on finding ways to operate with less impact to the environment. Protecting our children’s future has to be a guiding principle. Operating a small business the old fashioned way is to disregard the impact we have on the world around us. Finding new earth-friendly ways to do business may raise our operating costs slightly but we feel it’s well worth it!!

Today we donated $75.00 to the David Suzuki Foundation to aid their Got Milkweed Campaign. That will translate into 25 milkweed plants.

It’s an effort to plant milkweed across the city of Toronto. This will be a source of food for the migrating Monarch Butterfly. The butterflies really need our help right now as their main source of food, milkweed is in short supply.

Here is the link to the campaign if you would like to learn more or donate.


We are excited and thankful to our clients who use our services which in turn enables us to give back.

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