How to guarantee a flood in your basement!

Rainwater management downpspout clay pipe flooding TorontoIf you have a downspout that looks like this one you might want to give some serious consideration.

This downspout connects into an old clay weeping tile. These are prone to crack, deteriorate, and plug with debris and tree roots.

Can you imagine what could happen if this clay pipe fails during a heavy rain? It very likely would flood water right into this window well.

If the window well cannot drain the water away quickly enough, water will build up and fill the window well. Most old basement windows are far from water proof and will allow water to enter the basement.

When designing a new eavestrough system for this home every effort must be made to move this downspout to a new location. One that is safer and will not put your basement at risk of a flood. We have rectified situations like this in Scarborough and North York as well as other areas of Toronto. If the property allows try to keep downspouts away from window wells.

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2 thoughts on “How to guarantee a flood in your basement!

  1. I reallylove your blog – I buoght this House of Horrors in May, and everything that could be wrong is wrong with electrical, mold, cracked foundations etc – and now we are re sloping the earth so it won't slope towards foundation, and found a FULL septic tank buried outside the back door (in Ottawa! Poop from 50 yrs ago) Anyway, now it is on to the gutters, and you have given me great info, plus a laugh, which I need. I have serious tiger stripes on my white alum. gutters — who knows how long they have baked on – I have tried : bleach, baking soda, laundry det. and concentrated cleaner/degreaser. I would buy Nine Spray, that you recommend, but it prob won't do the job. Should I paint? Also, is there any leaf guard you can put in after gutters are already up? Thanks for your wonderful sense of humour. Well needed.

  2. It seems that those stripes are well set in! To my knowledge the best option may be to replace or paint. One of the most popular leafgaurds is made by Alu-Rex. Just google them and their website will come up. You could call them as well to find an installer in your area and they have a do it yourself brand called the clip n gaurd which is super easy to install. Thanks for checking out our posts! Good luck with your home.

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