Keep Squirrels and Raccoons Out

Many Toronto area homes we encounter have a gap under the first layer of shingles that provide easy access for animals to go straight into the soffit area and from there, into the attic.

This is easiest to fix when the roof is being done as any professional roofer should see this as a problem and install a custom drip edge made of metal and large enough to span the gap.Many roofers make the mistake of just draping the new shingle over the hole, hoping no animals will poke their little heads under the shingles and see the opening. The animals will see an opportunity and chew their way in.

The drip edge can be installed after the shingles are installed if the shingles are still flexible enough to be lifted a bit with out damaging them. It’s cheaper and easier to ensure the roofer you hire to do your roof sees this as a problem that needs to be fixed.

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