LED Recessed Soffit Lighting/Potlights

LED Lighting DelphiTech potlights Toronto recessed
These highly efficient 2 watt fixtures mount neatly into your soffit. They really transform the look of your home! It is an exciting opportunity which enables you to add curb appeal, security lighting and light for entertaining.

LED Recessed lighting DelphiTech Toronto
The picture below shows how a combination of fixtures work depending if you need to flood the walkway as shown and use a tighter beam of light the highlight and wash the brick and house number. Its always good to highlight the front entrance to guide visitors in the right direction and keep the steps safely lit.
LED lighting energy-efficient light flooding stairs

Soffit lighting can add security to any dark areas and light entertaining areas in a stylish way. All this can happen automatically, every single night!

10 benefits of our LED system:

1. 100,000 hour life expectancy which will give 20 plus years of use. No light bulbs to change!

2. Available in new warm white to blend with any traditional lighting you may have.(All pictures in this post are of the cool white)

3. Each fixture is only 2 watts but powerful and will consume less than a dollar of power over the entire year.

4. Very little heat is generated so are less likely to attract insects.

5. Completely automated with a timer that automatically adjusts for the change in daylight so you will have to do nothing but enjoy!

6. Feel guilt free with a recessed soffit lighting system that is on all night due to low power consumption.

7. A high quality Canadian product built to last. Many LED products are offshore products of lesser quality.

8. Can be mounted in areas that conventional soffit lights will not work, giving more flexibility.

9. Can be used for up lighting and down lighting and can be used for landscape lighting.

10. Does not require any rewiring of your home and can be installed into existing soffits.

The picture below shows the cool white 1.5 watt( this home has the older version, all are now updated to 2 watts) flood type fixtures that spread light over a broad area for entertaining.

2 watt LED soffit lighting DelphiTech Toronto

These fixtures can be mounted to in the yard to highlight trees and shrubs.

LED lighting uplighting a tree landscaping shrubbery Toronto

If you are handy, can do the installation yourself and would like to see pricing direct from the manufacturer then click the link.  www.delphitech.com

This short video gives a brief demonstration of how they are mounted into the soffits:

This video is more information on how to light a basic entrance and run wiring in existing soffits:

Below is what the LED recessed fixture looks like during the day (mind you the light will not be on during the day due to the automatic timer). Its small and the best thing about it is the light pivots in its housing so the angle of light in or out from the home can be adjusted to preference.

automatic timer LED lighting soffit of Toronto Home eavestrough gutter

Below is a actual picture of the LED fixture and housing so it can be installed like a pot light / recessed. Most of our clients really like the warm white however we have done some landscape fixtures using the cool LEDs to really show the true color of what they wanted highlighted.

LED lighting soffit fixture Toronto Home
Below we show the 5 amp power panel that will convert your 120 volt power to 12 volt and allow for safe low voltage wiring that you do not need an electrician for.
5 amp power panel for 12 volt LED lighting safe low voltage wiring Toronto

Below is the Intermatic DT620CL timer. It will allow the system to operate automatically and will adjust each day for the sunrise and sunset times so the lights are always coming on at the right time. It has a battery backup so if the power goes out it will not loose its programming.

LED lighting automatic timer low voltage exterior lighting toronto

A quick clip of an entrance way we completed. The camera did not take the night video as good as I would have liked but it will help give you a visual.

Each light will cost from  $200.00 to $300.00 installed if recessed like a pot light depending on the level of difficulty. Visit http://www.eavestrough.ca/

20 thoughts on “LED Recessed Soffit Lighting/Potlights

  1. One thing you will want to take into consideration is that if you're planning on adding an exterior cornice, you are going to lose anywhere from 4-5" of your soffit. This will make your soffit lighting appear off-center, or may even partially cover it.

    And it's not easy to fix.

  2. You are right in saying that. This is why communication between the client and contractor is vital to a successful project. If someone was to be installing a moulding under their soffit then this may have to be taken into consideration. Our lights are about 8 inches from the wall and this is very important to give the right amount of wall wash when dealing with the front of the home. The sides and back which are often more functionable lighting for safety, entertaining or security. There is flexibility in the positioning of these lights. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Hi David, I am not sure that they can be puchased in your area. These lights are unique in the market place due to there quality, intensity and design flexibility. They are Canadian made. I will email you within the next couple of days. Thanks Darren

  4. I live in Alabama and these lights seem to meet the criteria for soffit lights. Ive been searching for easy to install, low amperage, bright lights.
    Where or how can I purchase these in my area?

  5. These lights are awsome! Low voltage, easy installation, and look great! do they install well in vinyl soffit? Can they be hard wired into low voltage transformer?

  6. Can the wire be run through the attic. A fireplace prevents me from staying completely in the soffit area.

  7. I am thinking whether I will do it with my builder or not. If I chose not can I have it install later. Also do I need to have atleast capped electrical outside on seperate switch to have light install future or all connectivity can be done later?

  8. Hi Athar, Its much easier to run the wires now during construction. As long as the wires are ran to the location of each desired light and the hole is drilled in the soffit then the lights can be hooked up later. We usually run the end of our wire (main feed) into a garage or utility room. We connect to our power panel and plug into a normal indoor plug. The system will run on a timer so no need for a switch. Thanks

  9. Darren, living in Canadian winters, can the cold affect the LED lights? AS well, if these lights are installed in an insulated ceiling (atick), is the housing safe enough to be installed within blown insulaltion or do they need to be protected?


  10. Hi Mike, they are rated for indoor and outdoor and can handle low temperatures no problem. When installing in a ceiling there needs to be a small box to prevent insulation contact. Thanks for checking our blog out!

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