Maximize attic ventilation

soffits for maximum attic ventilation Toronto

If you are considering new soffit on your home it’s important to realize it has a critical role in the way your house functions. Properly vented soffit allows cool air to enter into your attic space reducing or eliminating ice dams in the winter. This is important in our climate in Scarborough and all of Toronto. Also it reduces cooling costs and greatly extends the life of your roof. This house had aluminum soffits which we removed to find a layer of plywood. This plywood must be removed before installing new vented aluminum soffit. The plywood is there from when these houses were built in the ’50s and ’60s. It no longer serves any purpose with the introduction of new aluminum products. The plywood is not of structural importance and is ok to remove. It does create some labour costs to remove but the benefits are great over the long term. We then inspect to make sure the fresh air can make it into the attic unobstructed. We can easily install rafter chutes to the underside of the roof deck, now that the plywood is out of the way. These chutes control the airflow into your attic and prevent any loose fill insulation from falling out onto the new vented aluminum soffits. You can check out a short video that will help explain things.

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