Onstage Connecting With Clients Event Hamilton

Small Business owners North Shore Eavestroughing Toronto This weekend North Shore Eavestroughing was invited to speak to small business owners at the Hamilton Ideal Home Show. It was an excellent opportunity to share the basics of social media to small business in Hamilton. It was a great success and we were thrilled to share the stage with media experts and contractors who are embracing social media.
(from left to right):

Tom Whitaker of Tiny Briefcase. A company who helps small business use technology to improve their business. www.tinybriefcase.com

Myself, Darren Perry of North Shore Eavestroughing of Toronto www.eavestrough.ca

Andrew Goodman, President of Page Zero Media and author of best selling book Winning Results with Google AdWords. A true expert on online pay per click campaigns. www.pagezero.com

Chris Healy also representing Tiny Briefcase.

Jerret Jastal of Stonecoat. An expert in resurfacing concrete outside and everything inside. www.texturock.com

Jeff Schnurr of Toronto Home Theater and Inview Marketing. www.inviewmarketing.ca

Definitely a great group of people and I highly recommend contacting them if you think they might be able to solve any of your problems.

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