Our “9 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring an Eavestrough Company” Report

We are glad to see that some of our reports that we have created have now gone mainstream!

Reports that we personally created back in 2004 and have posted and still do have posted as a special report on our website, have been copied, pasted and used by newly established Eavestrough companies. This is a good thing because its a sign of what we thought was important to the homeowner is now becoming a concern of other companies as well. This is a good thing in our opinion and all of those things are important and that it why we created the Report in the first place.

Our report called “9 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring An Eavestrough Company”  goes over the basics of hiring a contractor safely and properly.

Admittedly, when we first saw our report copied and pasted word for word on other companies websites and seeing them claiming it as their own, we were quite disappointed. Some companies have even gone so far to make videos out of it. With this being said it is great that the information is getting into the hands of Toronto homeowners none the less! Now that the information is being put out there by different companies, the important thing is to make sure that those companies can back it up. Any company can post this information and share it with homeowners but we know that some of them cannot back up those points in their own company.

As an extra precaution before hiring an Eavestrough contractor ensure that they can back up what the report goes over by providing Certificates of Liability Insurance and WSIB Certificate (Workplace Safety and Insurance) as every contractor will say they have them but it is better to actually see a current copy before you proceed with any work. WSIB clearance certificates can be requested and if the contractor is in good standing they (WSIB) will release a certificate for your project.

This is what our liability insurance looks like. Our insurance company releases a generic copy for the year of coverage.

If you are thinking of hiring an Eavestrough company you may wish to take a look at our Special Report that was created by us back in 2004 and can download from our website, Or, perhaps you have seen it already somewhere else…which is great! We also have lots of great information on our Blog posts and educational YouTube videos that you can link to from our website.

We would love for you to hire us however regardless of what company you decide to hire in our industry please make sure for your own protection that they can back up what they claim to be advocating and advertising.

For a free estimate in the Toronto area visit our website www.eavestough.ca or call our office at
(416) 615-0443 and we will be happy to speak with you and answer any questions that you may have.

Happy Eavestroughing!

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