Proper Fastening Prevents Falling Eavestroughs

Eavestroughs should not fall off  a home like this one did on a Toronto home! This can be a hazard to anyone below and also can create water problems if water were to leak into the basement.

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Ice and snow can put a strain on the eavestrough and if it’s not fastened properly it will come loose.
Upon closer inspection we can see that the screws that were used to hold the eavestrough to the wood fascia were way too small and did not have enough holding power under the slightest snow load.
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The screw used to fasten this bracket was only about one inch long and not very large in diameter so it did not have much grip in the wood. Little short cuts like this one cause a lot of problems a few years later. This company may have been trying to save a dollar or two by using these or maybe they had no idea they would not hold. Maybe they didn’t care? Either way the homeowner loses and has to pay again to do the job over. Make sure the contractor you hire to work around your home cares and uses quality materials.
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