Protecting Our Toronto Watershed

A big concrete and paved jungle like Toronto creates some very unnatural water flow issues in our creeks and ravines. About 70 per cent of the water that falls in the city does not absorb into the ground like it would normally. Most of the city can not absorb water and this is why every time we get a good rain our  streams seem fill to the brim with dirty rushing water.
If you are interested in making a difference in the quality of our streams and lake then you might be interested in looking at a group called Riversides. They are a non profit organization that is trying to make a big difference, one home at a time. They are huge advocates of homeowners containing as much of their rain water on their own property via rain barrels and of course disconnecting your downspouts.

They are located at a little office at 511 Richmond Street West, downtown Toronto.

Watershed management Rainwater Environmentally-friendly Toronto

Parking was a bit tight so luckily I took the little Smart Car!

SmartCar enviornmentally friendly watershed  rain management Toronto

They have their own custom rain barrel which does not require the conventional Y diverter as this barrel has it built in.

Riversides rain barrel soaker hose rainwater management eco-friendly

They introduced me to the low pressure soaker hose called Mr Soaker hose which is designed to operate with rain barrels.

Rain barrel soaker hose Toronto Watershed Environmentally friendly

You will see some of their rain barrels around town like shown below at the Common Carrot in the Danforth, in Toronto’s east end.

The Big carrot Rain barrel environmentally friendly Toronto

If you are interested in learning more about Riversides then check out their website discussing their rain barrels:

If you live in Scarborough, North York or in or near Toronot and are interested having your eavestroughs replaced or a rain barrel installed visit our website at

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