Rainguard Self-Retracting Downspout Extensions

We get lots of questions about what type of extension works best for safely draining water away from the house. Downspouts in an awkward area like across a walkway are usually troublesome no matter what you decide to use. We often use flip up downspouts that we make or have the extension come off easily with a pin. However both of these require some anticipation of rain and you will have put the flip up down or attach the extension to prevent water from pooling around your foundation. It seems like the obvious choice to hook up an automatic device like the Rainguard downspout extension.

So I bought one of these to give it a try so I could have some real world experience with this on my own home, in Toronto.

Downspout downpipe disconnecting Mandatory disconnect Toronto

It attaches securely to the end of the downspout or elbow easily with a zip tie provided.

Mandatory downspout disconnection Toronto Downpipe installation
Experiment with Rainguard self-retracting Downsput Extention begins

As it rolls out with the water pressure from the downspout it slowly unwinds and lets water out the little holes until it rolls out completely letting all the water out the end where there is a big opening.

Downspout extension DIY
Rainguard self-retracting downspout extensions Toronto downpipe
Once the rain stops the spring inside the plastic hose will retract itself back into its original compact shape. We had a big rain shortly after it was installed and it worked as promised on the package and retracted almost completely to its most compact size.
Downspout disconnection downpipe Toronto
Darren with poorly working Rainguard self-retracting Downspout Extension
Limitations of the Rainguard:
1. It seems that on a light rain it will not uncoil very far from its compact position which depending on your situation may not be far enough away from the basement.
2. The little drainage holes on the top of the Rainguard are located close to the start which may be too close to your home.
3. Its thin plastic and the day after I installed it I came home to see that the grass cutters have whipper snipped the side out of it. So much for the longevity factor. Its fragile construction is likely why I have yet to remember finding an operating Rainguard on someone’s home.
4. A brisk wind may blow it around as it’s fairly light.
Since the one I purchased got damaged so quickly I saw it in action but never had a chance to record it, I have linked to the manufacturers website where they have a video of it in action.

If anyone out there has some feedback on this product please comment below for the benefit of those who may be considering purchasing one.

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3 thoughts on “Rainguard Self-Retracting Downspout Extensions

  1. Years ago, before i own my own house, i saw a commercial about downspouts that would come down with the weight of the rain. Once it stopped raining, the extension would rise up against the house. I cannot find such device anywhere. The closet i've come to is the Rainguard self-retracting extension. i don't think it would work well for me. Have you ever seen what i am talking about?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. I know which one you mean but have never used one before and do not know where to direct you. They may be ok in some aplications. I wonder how they cope with freezing temps?

  3. The Home Depot on Ellesmere Rd. in Scarborough has these straightpipe downspouts on clearance. It looks like the one you described. I saw them just a few days ago (Aug9) for only $5 down from the original price of (as I remembered it) $25. The labels on these packages
    look faded but I am sure the products are new probably due to the fact that they have
    been sitting on the shelves a long time. But at that price, it's worth trying out!

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