Random Pictures At North Shore Eavestroughing

Cleaning up our client’s property is super important. Removing old eavestroughing can be messy and we need to have on hand magnets for getting all those pesky roofing nails that some roofing companies like to leave in the eavestroughs for us to clean up.

Whether we work in Scarborough, North York or other areas of the GTA, every trailer is equipped with blowers to get your property extra clean. Dirt and shingle grits can all be cleaned up more thoroughly than just sweeping.

Tony having some fun with a back pack blower.
We always inform our clients of what king of parking we require before the project starts. When hiring eavestroughers be aware that they will need a lot of parking space room. It is needed for trucks plus runs 50 or 60 foot pieces of seamless eavestrough. 60 to 70  feet of parking along the front of your property can be needed.

A frequent delivery to our Scarborough headquarters, from one of our aluminum suppliers, Buchner Manufacturing.


See our installers testing out our .023 gauge eavestrough with T-Rex leaf guard. Unless you have a steel roof that is susceptible to snow slides you do not need to go heavier than a .023 gauge eavestrough –unless you expect to have more than 2 people hanging in one spot! If you need more than this don’t worry as we have.027 heavy and .032 extra heavy gauge. The good thing about the T-Rex is that it’s inexpensive to buy, attaches to the eavestrough before the eavestrough goes on the house reducing labour costs, adds strength to the system, and is widely available to the consumer as most eavestrough companies are using it. By far, the most popular leaf guard on the market.

A view from under the T-Rex leaf guard. The holes are large enough to let in all the water but small enough to keep out downspout clogging debris. The eavestrough will stay free flowing under the leaf guard as anything small enough to go through the holes will wash out the downspouts.


Before T-Rex leaf guard.


After T-Rex leaf guard (and drip edge because shingles were too short).
We took these pictures at a Toronto home and have seen these same pictures in other eavestrough companies’ brochures. Sorry guys, but making these into a mirror image does make them your own! 🙂


Power lines coming into a home can be deadly. In cases where close proximity or touching of power lines is unavoidable it’s best to have the orange line protection installed by Toronto Hydro. This situation is more typical in the downtown Toronto area. It’s not cheap (about $600.00 and personally I think Toronto Hydro charges too much and the result is homeowners decide not to have the work done putting workers’ lives at risk. You may want to have your lines covered when doing work like roofing, painting, brickwork, or stucco to ensure workers remain safe. The line protection number is 416 542 2618.

You will always see our team using a 4′ level to get accurate readings on which way your eavestroughs are sloping. Incorrectly sloped eavestroughs are the number one factor in why eavestroughs overflow. A eavestrough needs to slope down to the downspout. This will move water quickly to the downspout outlet where it can be evacuated from the eavestrough. Proper slopes and large downspouts will allow your eavestroughs to handle these 100 year storms we have just experienced in the GTA. We stand behind our no standing water guarantee and no overflows, no matter how heavy the rain!

A piece of seamless eavestrough with the T-Rex leaf guard installed; did you know that this fastening system is so efficient that you can have this installed as low as $3. per lineal foot when investing in new eavestroughs? It is super strong and resists damage from ladders and the weight of ice and snow.

We treat your home with respect and keep things neat and organized throughout the day.

Visit our website for a free consultation for a new eavestrough system. www.eavestrough.ca

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