Reduce your liability when hiring a contractor

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Most people do not realize that when you hire a contractor to work on your home, in Scarborough, North York or Toronto it temporarily turns into a construction site that must follow Ontario law. A homeowner can be considered the general contractor of the project in certain instances which means you must be aware of certian rules and regulations.
Just because a contractor has liability insurance does not mean you should not be concerned with how the work is performed on your home. If a serious accident were to occur the fines can easily be 100,000.00 with a portion potentially being on the homeowner’s shoulders. These fines are not covered by any insurance.

One of the ways North Shore takes extra care to reduce your risk by using fall arrest equipment on all projects over 10 feet high required by law. This keeps our team safe from harm and reduces your liability. Its a win win!

Always ensure that this safety factor will be carried out by your contractor before the work starts. Keep in mind fall protection is not enforced in most roofing and eavestroughing companies in Toronto. Check out their marketing material and if all their pictures show unprotected workers then the chance of them being safe on your project is slim to none. Remember that you are in charge of who you hire to do the work and insist they work safe on your home. In my opinion, any company that leaves safety to chance is probably skimping on other areas too.
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