See what’s lurking under old screen leafguard.

mesh leafguard accumulation in eavestrough GTA Eavestrough

The picture here shows what we have found under old mesh style leafguard.
This product is hinged and we have opened it up for you to see the debris that accumulates under it.
This leafguard is of some benefit for the first few years but due to the size of the of the holes being too large, debris finds its way into the eavestrough. This will plug the downpipes causing a major overflow. This product was very popular about 8 to 10 years ago when there was not much alternative. Now there are similar priced products on the market that perform better and add integrity to the eavestrough. This screen is still being installed on some homes in North York, Scarborough and all over the GTA. We advise homeowners to avoid this product if they are looking for long-term performance. Investing just a bit more money will get you a leafguard product that works much better.


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