Signs of a major downspout leak!

Home badly in need of new eavestroughs green mold on wall Major downspout leak

If you look around the exterior of your home after a rain and see wet patches on the wall you may have a serious eavestrough/downpipe problem.

The upper downspout elbow shown in this picture is dumping water onto the roof and wall. It’s easy to see the large wet spot on the wall. In this case it has been happening so long that the water has allowed for a green stain to develop.
This situation can cause:
1. Water to which through the wall and create a mold growth on the interior side of the wall.
2. A leaky basement because its obvious water is not being directed into the lower eavestrough properly. This water is running down the wall and depositing near the foundation which can enter into your home.
3. Damage to the exterior finish of your home.
This can be easily corrected by using downspout to properly connect upper downspout to the lower eavestrough and contain all the water. If you are handy some repairs are easy to do yourself and can save you lots of money down the road. Many basic eavestrough supplies can be found at the local hardware store. Although the supplies at these stores are not of professional quality they will work fine for a small fix up like this. We work in Scarbrough, North York as well as other areas in and near Toronto. For a major overhaul of your old, tired rainwater system visit

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