Smart Screen Threatens Legal Action

One of our leaf guard comparison videos is creating quite a stir with the people over at Smart Screen. We have received emails and voice messages demanding we take this video off line and now most recently a rep from Smart Screen yelling at us (in our lettered vehicles) in Toronto traffic as we happened to be traveling down the same street. We do not engage in this type of activity.

Smart Screen feels that we did an unfair test. We felt like we put a video together that tested 3 different types of leaf guard equally as we tested each type of leaf guard with the identical test. After testing with a garden hose, our opinion was that the Smart Screen had the hardest time absorbing the water. We feel this can be a factor in high volume roof areas and inside valleys.

Check out the video and let us know what you think? Is it fair of Smart Screen to threaten legal action?

If we did something illegal here in Canada, then fine, we will take it down. The video is far from our most viewed video with about 2500 views so no loss on our part.
The part that bugs us is the fact that it almost feels like Smart Screen is trying to be the bully on the playground here. The video was just our opinion.
Smart Screen is not our first choice in leaf guards due to some factors identified in the video. The biggest one for us is the labour cost to install Smart Screen on a new eavestrough is much higher for us than installing the T-Rex leaf guard. The T-Rex leaf guard fastens into the eavestrough before we even put the eavestrough on the home. This reduces our labour costs and makes leaf guard more affordable for the homeowner. The Leaf Solution performs very well but is labour intensive to install, expensive to buy in comparison to the T-rex or Smart Screen. These reasons are why we normally use T-Rex leaf guard as do many other eavestrough and gutter companies, in Toronto and elsewhere.
When making videos we intend to give good solid advice to homeowners who are interested in learning about eavestroughs and leaf guard. We do not have any vested interest in any leaf guard company.
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2 thoughts on “Smart Screen Threatens Legal Action

  1. Good for you. They should spend time and money on improving their product meant for the average homeowner to install rather than on court fees and legal costs.

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