Soffit, Fascia, Leaf Solution and LEDS

A nice North York bungalow, complete with soffit and fascia, eavestrough, leaf guard and automated LED pot lights.

Here are a couple of pictures of the old system:

Soffit, fascia eavetrough, leafguard and LED lighting on North York home

This old soffit system was around 30 years old and was done with white for the soffit and fascia and chestnut brown for the eavestrough. Many people now prefer to have all their soffit, fascia and eavestrough all one color.

White soffit and chestnut brown eaves and downspout

The old eavestrough was a one piece hooded system. It got damaged and a contractor tried to piece it together with standard 5 inch eavestrough which did not match. The homeowner could not locate the dealer for this specific hooded leaf guard so full replacement was pursued with us.

When buying a niche or specialty product ensure that the company will be around to do repairs if needed down the road or you could run into problems like this homeowner.

Hooded eavestrough system that needs to be replaced


Finishing touches on the front entrance. Installing aluminum capping to the beam under the veranda.
Front porch needs capping on wooden beam
The warm white 2 watt LEDS are a great way to accent the front of the home. 4 lights are a cost effective way to create curb appeal for this home. 4 LED lights installed will cost about $800.00 to $1000.00 depending on the level of difficulty.
installed soffit, fascia, eavestroughing, leafguard and LED lighting
Leaf Solution, our premium leaf protection, was installed to eliminate any maintenance in regard to leaves. It costs significantly more then the T-Rex but it does have some advantages. Stainless steel mesh over an aluminum frame keeps all debris out and does a great job of shedding the leaves. Just by looking at it, it seems there is no way the water will go in. However it works flawlessly on all roofs no matter how heavy the Toronto rain.
It costs about $12.00 to $15.00 per foot installed. An average home of 200 feet of eavestrough would be $2400.00 to $3000.00 depending on the level of difficulty. This does not include the cost of new eavestrough and you want to ensure your eavestrough are newer before investing in the Leaf Solution. You do not want to install this product over questionable eavestroughs and find out in a few years the Leaf Solution has to be removed and reinstalled!
The Leaf solution leafguard system installed in eavestroughs
A double check of the property, completion of our quality checklists and another happy client!
Reviewing a completed eaves, leafguard, soffit, fascia and LED lighting project
Would you like us to come to your home in North York, Scarborough or other areas in and near Toronto to provide a free quote for The leaf Solution or the AluRex TRex Leaf Solution? Call us at 416-615-0443
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