Super Strong Eavestrough

Evaestrough with AluRex TRex Leafguard Toronto Scarborough North York

Here are a couple of North Shore Eavestroughing installers hanging out in Scarborough. The good thing about our eavestrough system is that it can handle a great deal of downward force and is not affected by ladders laying against them. They will not loosen, as they are screwed tightly in place and never nailed in any way.


Our clients often joke around about being able to hang from their new eavestroughs and sometimes we feel up to proving that it’s actually possible. (Do this in a low safe area if you decide to try)


We give new meaning to hanging around your home. Not only do we install a leafguard but a workout system as well. Now we have an excuse for skipping the gym.(Now I am joking about this part!)
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