Warm White LED Soffit Lighting in the GTA

Today we completed another soffit, fascia, eavestrough and LED light project, in Scarborough. I want to show a couple of pictures of the end result. The lighting project consisted of only four recessed LED lights but had a big effect. It really created that wow factor in terms of curb appeal. Installing new eavestroughs and/or soffit and fascia is the perfect time to install a low voltage light system.

LED soffit lighting eavestroughs low voltage
LED soffit recessed lighting low voltage Toronto North York Scarborough LED pot lights vary in cost from about $200.00 to $300.00 per light installed depending on the quantity and level of difficulty.

Visit www.eavestrough.ca or call our office at 416.615.0443. for free estimate.

We provide a full Exterior LED Lighting service when you have us do your eavestrough work in Scarborough, North York and other areas in and near Toronto.  If you want to purchase the LED product to install yourself directly, go to www.delphitech.com and check out there online store.

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