What Is Seamless Eavestrough?

seamless aluminum eavestroughing gutter Scarborough Toronto

The success of your eavestrough project will depend highly on the tools and equipment the eavestrough contractor has available. The old saying that you are only as good as your tools definitely applies here. In order to install seamless eavestroughs on your home we need to bring a seamless eavestrough forming machine to your home. We set a tightly wrapped roll of aluminum on the machine that may be up to 600 feet long. We feed it in to a series of rollers and out comes a seamless eavestrough. We form a eavestrough that is the entire length of your home and cut it to the appropriate length.
Generally, this is done on the street in front of your home as lots of space is needed. Now we could potentially run out a piece 600 feet long but the maximum length of a seamless eavestrough should limited to about 75 feet. Anything beyond this length could develop major problems due to expansion and contraction issues due to hot and cold weather. The benefit to you choosing this system is there will be no unnecessary seams or overlaps that can lead to leaks over the years. In years gone by, contractors would bring predetermined lengths of 10 or 20 feet gutters to your home and patch them together. This was when seamless gutter machines were less common.
The only place that we will have to make a seam or overlap is when there is a corner on the home and the gutter has to change direction. This is unavoidable with today’s technology as the seamless machines will only create a gutter in a perfectly straight line. A corner requires a proper hand fitted overlap with a proper sealant that is specifically designed for gutter.
This is the most critical part of the install which must be controlled with specific standards for craftsmanship and a high quality sealant and backed up with a 10 year warranty for your protection.
Most houses being troughed in the GTA are being installed with seamless machines. They have been available for approx 25 years so it’s not new cutting edge technology. The only thing that has changed is that when machines were first on the scene the size was primarily 4 inch, which is obsolete today in favor of the 5 inch machine which is more than adequate for most all residential applications when installed properly.
I want to stress the importance of having the proper equipment to perform the job. However I think that homeowners should be wary of companies that over promote what I consider to be old technology. These machines have been in use for 25 years and some companies promote them like they were unveiled yesterday. My point is that there are so many other critical installation factors like proper slope, the fastening system to secure the eavestrough to the home and size of the downpipes. This is just scratching the surface.
When we come in to do an analysis the old system homeowners are surprised at how much we can effectively improve your rain water management system. It sometimes requires a leap of faith on their part because the only frame of reference they may have is their old, undersized, water pooling, leaf corrupted eavestrough. Lucky for them we have solutions for all of this and have been doing it every day for about 15 years in Scarborough, North York and other parts in and near Toronto.
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2 thoughts on “What Is Seamless Eavestrough?

  1. This is a great system. I agree with what has been written here. Most people do not realize that proper gutters and downspouts can eliminate most of the basement leakage in Toronto. Even when people grade their property properly, if the gutters don't work over time ground surfaces will change.
    If your eaves-troughs are fine but your neighbours are not, your home may be suffering. You might want to print this out and drop it in their mailbox.

  2. Thanks Steven. Good points in reference to the slope of the land and how that can cause problems with the foundation. Overflowing eavestroughs and poorly placed downpipes can cause the ground to settle around the home as you mentioned. Regrading the ground in problem areas, assesing the eavestroughs, moving or disconnecting downpipes from old drains can potentially delay or prevent a major basement waterproofing project.
    Sometimes just a simple lengthening of downpipe extentions away from the home can make a big difference.

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