Where to find quality eavestrough parts.

eavestrough downpipes materials Toronto

We often get calls to our office asking if we can retail eavestrough parts like downpipes etc. Since we are primarily a supply and install company we thought we would give a great contact if you were looking for quality parts and may just want to do a repair yourself.

Danforth Roofing is located at 3145 Danforth Ave near Victoria Park and Danforth Ave., Toronto

Their phone number is 416 699 7127.

Danforth Roofing also has a metal bending shop that can custom bend any flashings etc that you might need. Wayne and the crew always give excellent service in the back shop.

Tara is always professional and ready to look after customers at the front desk.

They have different colours and accessories for downpipes. They also make Y diverters if you plan on installing a rain barrel and want to have control over the water. With a Y diverter you can divert the water out the downspout when the barrel is full.

Danforth Roofing has been offering us excellent service over the years, making Y diverters we need for installing barrels. Danforth gives homeowners the chance to purchase eavestrough accessories that are of better quality than what they would find at the local hardware store.

If you are in Scarborough, North York, other areas in or near Toronto and need a full service company contact North Shore Eavestroughing for a free estimate.
Our website: http://www.eavestrough.ca/
Our email: info@eavestrough.ca

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