Why do light coloured eavestroughs get streaks?

dirty streaks on eavestroughs tigerstriping gutters

Many people ask why eavestroughs tend to get dark lines down the front. It usually becomes noticeable about a year or two after the new eavestroughs are installed. They are most noticeable on white eavestroughs however they also show up on lighter coloured eavestroughs as well.
These stains are called tiger stripes and are a result of dirt and pollution that settles out of the air. It settles on the top edge of the eavestrough and when it gets wet droplets form and run down the front carrying the dirt.
This is what causes the staining. It seems that the stripes do start to become less evident as many years go by and the paint slowly fades. Unfortunately there is no special brand of paint or aluminum that will resist tiger stripes.
Thankfully, we have a new variation of our main leafguard, the T-Rex. It works much the same way as our regular leafguard but has a small drip edge as part of the system. It will prevent the water from touching the front of the eavestrough allowing it to fall harmlessly to the ground. The result is a streak free seamless eavestrough. Also this 5800 series leafguard is even stronger than the regular T-Rex as it is of a thicker gauge aluminum. If interested, we will give this product to you at an additional $3. per foot as compared to our regular T-Rex leafguard. However it is noticeable from the ground so it must be color matched to the color of your eavestrough. We service Scarborough, North York or other parts of the GTA. Give us a call if you are interested in the products mentioned in this blog.
Cleaning of the eavestrough every year or two will keep them looking new and shiny.
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