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  • How long do eavestroughs last?

    Aluminum eavestroughing will hold up quite well for 25 to 35 years when properly installed.

  • Do we fix old eavestroughs?

    Sometimes. We do not specialize in repairs. If the eavestroughs are fairly new then it might be best to repair them, depending on the extent of the problems. On older eavestroughs, the work involved to properly reseal leaky corners can be extensive and it is better to replace than repair, if budget allows. If not sealed properly, leaky corners may start to leak again in about a year.

  • How long have you been in business?

    North Shore Eavestroughing has been in business with the same name for over 20 years. It’s very important to find a company with a good track record.  Do not confuse being in business with years in the business as many new companies are formed saying they have been around a great deal longer then they really have been.  Just because they have many years working for someone else does not mean that their company is not a new company.  It’s tricky for the homeowner to really get to the bottom of this but some smart focused questions can usually provide some clarity. As most people are aware many companies do not make it past 5 years of business and may not be around to take care of any workmanship issues if one was to arise.

  • Are leaf guard systems expensive?

    Some are at a very high price point due to the complexity of manufacturing the product and the level of difficulty to install. After researching different brands we think the best  quality for a resonable cost is the AluRex T-Rex. The T-Rex, is about $3.00 per foot when installed with new eavestroughs. T- Rex adds strength to the eavestrough as it is a continuous hanger system so it improves the longevity of the whole eavestrough system. It is invisible from the ground and does not interfere with the roof in any way. If you have a significant tree canopy you may need to clear off the top of the leaf guard once or twice a year. You can use a broom,  a leaf blower or call a company to do this chore for you. 

  • Can the T-rex leaf guard handle heavy rains?

    Yes. The hole size has been studied by an independent laboratory to ensure that they are large enough to handle heavy rains.  We have been installing The T-Rex for about 15 years and have not encountered a situation where it will not do its job. The only place that we may advise not to install it would be on a very large valley funnelling into a small eavestrough.  If you take about 4 feet of the product and combine the area of the holes it would equal a downspout.  That’s like having a downspout every four feet on your home. That's  much more than you would ever need!

  • I searched the internet and found information that leaf guards are a waste of money. Is this true?

    Yes and No. There are some poor products out there. 

    The T-Rex is not very expensive, does a really good job and comes with a great warranty. T-Rex will reduce your maintenance and help ensure free flowing eavestroughs for many years. By simply sweeping off the top of the leaf guard maybe once or twice a year you will never get a clog in your eaves or downspouts. You will save money by not needing to hire someone to clean your eavestroughs and downspouts or doing this unpleasant and dangerous job yourself.

  • How do I receive a quote?

    After contacting our office, we will arrange an appointment at your convenience for an in person consultation. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes of your time on average. We do allow for more time, if needed, as we want all your questions to be answered.  We encourage you to do a walk around your property with our representative and communicate any concerns you may have or problems you may be currently experiencing.  Generally, this all takes place outside your home as we can both get a visual of what is working and what isn’t. From there we can often recommend improvements. You do not have to be home to receive a quote. We might require you to leave the gate unlocked so the estimator has access to the backyard. Quotes are usually e-mailed out.

  • Do some colours cost more than others?

    Generally, all colours cost the same, however if you require a specific colour from an eavestrough company and they do not deal with that particular supplier you may incur some extra costs.  This could be partly due to the fact that the company may have to order large quantities when only a small amount is needed. In some cases, it may make sense to find a contractor who deals with the colour you need on a regular basis, to save money. If you choose a company that has a wide selection of colours it’s rare to have this problem. North Shore Eavestroughing has over 20 different colours in stock and access to 3 major suppliers of aluminum in the GTA. We do have about 10 premium colours that are special order and cost extra.

  • Will the work be subcontracted out?

    We do not subcontract. This way, we can assure consistent high results, good lines of communication between our staff and peace of mind for you.



  • Where does our aluminum come from?

    We mainly use Gentek.  Aluminum is infinite in its ability to be recycled so large portions of your new eavestroughs will have had a previous life in another form.  This does not degrade the quality of your new eavestroughs and is an essential, good environmental practice, just as your old aluminum eavestroughs will go on to live again in another form.

  • Does North Shore work in the winter?

    Yes we do. All our team are full time employees who like to remain busy year round. We work according to weather conditions, in a safe manner. Depending on the amount of snow and ice build up on your roof, which varies from house to house and season to season it might be best to wait until conditions improve.  Cold weather does not degrade the quality of our workmanship or the performance of our sealants.

  • I have power lines coming into my home from the road. They are in close proximity to the eavestroughs. What do I need to know?

    Power lines can be deadly. There are many sad examples where installers have been injured or killed by touching a power line by accident or just not knowing the dangers. Maritime Electric can send someone out to assess the danger and, if necessary, install a temporary protective covering on the wires. The phone number is 1-800-670-1012.  We use fibreglass extension ladders on all our projects to farther reduce the risk of contact with overhead wires.

  • Are rain barrels a good idea?

    Yes.  A carefully placed rain barrel is an excellent way to capture water for your yard and flowers. They must be placed strategically in conjunction with a water diverter so the water can be redirected when the barrel is full or during winter. All our barrels come with screened tops so mosquitoes are not an issue. Barrels can fill very quickly and are not suitable for every location. We can evaluate this once we see your property.

  • My old system is overflowing. Do I need more downpipes?

    Possibly..This will be revealed upon inspection of your system by our expert estimator. We will assess the slope of the ground around the home and identify which areas if any, would be suitable to add another downpipe. More often, we delete a problem downpipe instead of adding more. It may be hard to believe this would be an option based on how poorly your system may be performing currently.  This is made possible by new eavestroughs being sloped properly. The new downpipes we use are larger than the size of what you may have currently have. Combine this with a quality leaf guard to keep things from plugging your downpipes.  We guarantee that you will never have an overflow due to the capacity being insufficient.

  • My old eavestroughs have water pooling in them. How do I ensure the new ones will not have this problem?

    Installation technique is critical.  A level must be used install your new eavestroughs. This will ensure that all eavestroughs slope downwards to the downpipes.  This seems like common sense but it is not the industry norm.  Many other companies think they can just use their eye or best judgement to achieve proper slope. This is where big problems can occur as often homes do not sit perfectly level and this cannot be detected by eye. We guarantee no standing water in your eavestroughs.  However up to 1/2 inch of water sitting in the bottom of an eavestrough near the corners is normal as the sealant will hold a small amount of water back.  This will evaporate quickly and not cause a problem.  This is unavoidable and no cause for concern.

  • Why does it seem that the water is running out from behind my eavestroughs?

    Water running behind the eavestroughs may be caused by an eavestrough coming loose or there is a lack of flashing between the drip edge and the top of the gutter. It can also be caused by the shingles not draining the water properly off the roof. If we need to we can remedy a curled shingle by installing aluminum flashing, at an extra charge.

  • I am planning a new roof. Which should I do first?

    It’s best to do the roof first as roofing can be rough work and may cause some damage or scratches to new eavestroughs. That being said,  they are two separate jobs and can be done in either order, depending on the urgency. A professional roofing company can work around new eavestroughs without damage.

  • Do you require a deposit?

    Most of our projects only require you authorize the paperwork and pay upon completion. 

  • Do I have to be home when the project is being completed?

    No, but it is recommended to see the completed work before the crew leaves your home to ensure minor things like downspout extension lengths are exactly the length you want. If you will not be home, ensure that we have your work phone number should the need arise to call you. We pride ourselves on having the project thoroughly organized from information and pictures we have documented from our initial consultation with you. All pertinent information is relayed to our supervisors before the project starts.

  • How do I prepare my home for your arrival?

    It’s important to make sure that all cars are out of the driveway and parked away from the front of your home as our equipment takes up a lot of space on the road. We form long pieces of eavestroughing and run them out of our trailers as well. Make sure that any cars you need that day are removed from the garage as the driveway will be blocked off and used as a worksite.  Please move any furniture etc. out of harm’s way,  about 12 feet around the perimeter. Heavy objects we can move for you but we will not be responsible for damages to glass tables in our efforts to move them. It is important that you clean up after pets. If in close proximity to your neighbours then it’s essential to notify them. Some houses are so close together that ladders may have to be over fences, we may have to utilize their driveway to access your home, or we may have to go on their roof to reach your eavestroughs.  Children and dogs must be kept safely inside.

  • I will be home and would like to watch. What do I have to know?

    Remember that your home is under construction for the day of your install and must be treated as so. We welcome you to watch as it can be an interesting process, however please stay well back from the perimeter of your home for your safety.  We make every effort to keep a clean safe worksite but sharp metal or nails can cut.  That why all our team are always wearing safety work boots. We will not be entering your home for any reason during the day of the install and our team comes fully equipped with water for the day.

  • How long does a typical project take?

    An average size home is completed in one day.

  • What is the warranty on the aluminum?

    The warranty on aluminum is 20 years. There is no need to repaint the eaves as the original paint is baked as part of the factory process. 

  • What is your workmanship warranty?

    Our workmanship warranty is 10 years.

     Workmanship covers things like a leaky corner, anything to come loose or become unfastened. Most companies are 2 to 5 years; so definitely compare. When a company has great confidence in their installation methods they can offer a class leading warranty. Many companies, including us, do not cover damages due to abuse or heavy snow slides.

  • Do you recycle?

    Yes, we recycle all the aluminum and steel we collect. We recycle a large amount of cardboard as much of our product is shipped to us in cardboard. Our installers and office staff are cognizant of the importance of reducing and recycling.

  • Do you clean up and take the old eavestrough materials away?

    Yes, we complete a thorough clean up after the project is finished. All our aluminum and steel is sent off for recycling. Removing old leaf-filled eavestrough can be a messy process. Our trailers are fully equipped with everything needed for a meticulous clean up of your property. Every trailer has brooms, magnetic sweepers and blower machines to get every nook and cranny. If there is lots of standing dirty water in the eavestrough, then an outside hose may facilitate the clean up process.
  • How do I pay you?

    Cheque or E-transfer are the preferred methods of payment. A cheque can be left with the supervisor at the completion of the project. To pay by by e-transfer-- just call us to let us know and we can discuss a password.